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m6 unit3 reading

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高二英语新授课Module6  Unit3

Period1 welcome& Reading (课时1

主备人:陆杏颖     二次备课人__________    Dec. 20,2012

Self-access preparation




1.     Collect materials about how people greet each other in different countries and prepare a role play.

2.  Sentence patterns

1) Why don’t you tell her about-------

2) It’s rude (not)to open a present.

3) Roosters are supposed to drive-----

4) Hens are thought to ensure good luck.

5)You wouldn’t get much sleep if you lived near where -----

6)Many foreigners have trouble getting accustomed to it.

7)What is really interesting is that there are---

8) It’s time for me to go.

9) I think now I understand a lot more about different cultures and what is appropriate behavior.

10) Learning about cultural differences is a good way to understand more about----











Class ActivityTeaching plan




Learning Objectives

1.       learn some cultural differences of different countries

2.       be aware of cultural shock

Teaching Procedures




Step 1  task-based dictation

Step 2  test on self- learning

 Create some situations for students to role-play

Step 3  listen and answer

  1. How many people are referred to ?


   2. What cant you drink at a wedding in Brunei?


  3. What British Festival are Americans not familiar with?


  4. How do people deal with presents?


Step 4: detailed reading

  True or false questions (C1)                            

Task 1 Wedding in Korea

?         In Korea, they have ____________ and __________ as a part of the wedding ceremony.

They have a live hen and a rooster as part of the wedding ceremony, because roosters _________________drive bad spirits away and hens ___________  __________good luck .

Task 2 reading strategies










How to do

Receiving presents


In the west

It’s ________not to open a present when they receive one.


It’s polite to put away the present but not _______ it immediately in China.




A hen and a rooster is a part of the wedding ceremony; Roosters are supposed to drive bad spirits away and hens are thought to __________ good luck.


Men and women sit ___________. Alcohol is ___________. And people play drums, so you would sleep _________ or even never sleep.











People use __________ to point.

Many other countries

Many countries people point with their first fingers.


_________ off shoes before going into someone’s house.


Bonfire Night

the UK

Brits __________ Bonfire Night


Americans are not ___________ with it.


Step 5: discussion

1.What might happen if people had no idea of other countries’ cultures?

2.What do you think about “culture shock ?

Step 6 :consolidation (E)

Step 7 :class assessment (C2)

Step 8 reflection









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